SXSW: The coffee selection and TOMS

Friday, 14 March, 2014
This week our twitter feed has been bombarded with #SXSW tweets from all the coffee and media people in the US.

By sheer numbers in the US, they have the capability to throw these kind of conferences. The Key Note spreakers included Marc Webb (500 Days of Summer director, more recently the revived Spiderman movie franchise), Lena Dunham (Girls creator), Lady GaGa (no introduction necessary), mad scientist Adam Savage (Mythbusters!) They cover so many different fields of interest and one of the major trends that came up in conversation this year was coffee, including a session by TOMS founder Blake Mycoskie.

Talk about entrepreneurial inspiration overload. We are jealous.

So for a start coffee was necessary to fuel all those creative minds (obviously!), our favourite coffee gossip site, Sprudge, did a tour of all the coffee pop-ups at SXSW.

Pic of House of Cards Coffee via Sprudge. Just look at that thing! Only the Aussies!

And then there was the big announcement by TOMS, you know the shoe guys? Famous for these:

They've started an artisan coffee company. They're also famous for the One for One Business Model. Buy a pair of shoes and a pair gets donated to someone in need. So here we have a major company and major brand, branching out into the coffee world, using that same business model. So for every bag of coffee they intend to provide a week of drinking water to the community who produces the coffee. Sounds awesome. One thing is for sure, coffee is big business any which way you look at it.


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