License to shoot: Photographer seeks coffee

Monday, 10 December, 2012
All words and pictures by Derryn Semple

“Warm and Glad”

Am I in the right place? I’ve circled this block three times and Priscilla (The lady voice on my Garmin) keeps repeating ”Arriving at destination on left”. But this doesn’t look like your typical coffee shop spot. But then I see it, 2nd floor. As I walk in, I’m greeted by quietness – but not that awkward kind when everyone looks up at you and you’re not quite sure whether to look at your feet and make a beeline to the first available table.

It’s peaceful.

There is art for sale on the walls, delicious looking pastas and juices on sale, organic soaps and lip balms made in Mozambique (I can’t help but buy a mint flavored lip balm).

Patron and true Joburg hipster (beard and all) says this about his double espresso, milk on the side:
“W+G coffee. Crema is good, usually a gorgeous caramel colour and the coffee has a strong body. The Milk is where they fall back a little, but they're getting there.”
I’m way too involved in the atmosphere and Brett’s tattoos to notice milk, but am grateful for his opinion.

This is definitely a spot where I could escape the bustling city life of Jozi and retreat to my world of photography, music, food and coffee.


5 attempts at parallel parking and with blushing cheeks, I’m in. Ah, the smell of fresh brewed coffee and the sounds of roadside chatter make it worth it. ‘Wolves’ is a delightful coffee shop adjacent to an equally delightful restaurant, which serves the likes of Dim Sum and Yellow potato curry. MMMM!

I opt for a red velvet cupcake and Americano, while my friend samples the strawberry smoothie. Silence follows as we fall into dietary bliss. I drink my coffee fast – it’s easy with the sweet notes of vanilla. While in this trance of happiness, I scan the room. Man to my right seems to be editing music on his Macbook, to my left are four girls talking about a boy. Ahead of me are two more hip young lads working on laptops as well as a girl reading ‘50 shades of grey’ – I stop looking at her when she glares at me. In come a Mom and daughter (eyeing out my red velvet cake).

I might be in big scary Jozi, but I feel right at home.

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