First Look: Lineage Roastery launches

Thursday, 20 November, 2014
Where to find it: Shop nr 9, the Colony Centre, Hillcrest. Next next to Stretta Cafe

The time has finally come for the current number 15 barista in the world to launch his dream roastery. The tiny space has been put to good use, Craig's nano-roastery as it has affectionately been termed, is chock-full of incredibly exciting coffee hardware as well as the highest quality coffee beans, all roasted on site. We are so proud! Welcome to the World Lineage Coffee!

Shew, but that's an amazing set-up, a LaMarzocco Strada on the left, a LaMarzocco GB5 on the right, the customised Mazzer Robur grinder that travelled with Craig to the World Championships in Rimini this year on the far right.

The roaster is ready for action!

Craig powdercoated this GB5 himself, it looks beautiful!

The beast that is the Strada. Sensational.

 Well wishes from all Craig's fans!

Be sure to go visit!

Some snaps from the launch party:

Craig and his team: Khaya, Craig, Musa and Fanie.

Johan Fritz of PartsHub pictured with Craig, is one of Craig's closest friend's and has been instrumental in setting up the equipment and hardware side of Lineage Coffee.

Roast in action: Craig chats with Azhar and Hassan Khan of Continental Bakery and Deli over a fresh roast.

In typical Craig fashion, he made his thank you speech perched atop his newly installed counter. Wendy Charity, his biggest supporter and admired by all in the coffee industry for staying married to Craig, right by his side.

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