REVIEW and BREW: Red Espresso at Home

Tuesday, 30 March, 2021

Anyone else feeling like the days are getting longer even though the sun is going down sooner?!

Put on your comfy pants and brew some amazing, comforting drinks that will give you a boost  you need to get through, but not keep you up all night!

We recently got really into the original Red Espresso products and we wanted to share the range and show how easy they are to make at home. We're coffee lovers first of course, but this product is designed specifically for people who love coffee, because you can use all your coffee gadgets to make your brew and you get a rich and intense flavour without the caffeine, which makes it perfect for afternoons and evenings and if you've decided to cut back on caffeine in general.

We've worked with the team at Red Espresso for a long time but we've never done a review on the original Red Espresso range. There's really something for everyone and they're all so easy to prepare, but I think in the end, my favourite was the AeroPress!

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