Coffee brand Kalita is launching in SA. Here's why you should be excited!!!

Thursday, 12 November, 2020

There’s a new Wave coming. And it's called Kalita!

The Japanese have a special relationship with their coffee – a relationship that is indicative of traditional Japanese values of respect, harmony and patience – with coffee brewing and experiences being more ritualistic and gentle than the hardcore espresso culture adopted by the west. It is with these values in mind that the Wave from the family owned Kalita Co. was developed. 

The Kalita Wave is a pour over brewer, similar to a Chemex or a V60 in practical usage. The Wave, however, has a markedly different extraction profile to that of a Chemex or V60. Unlike a Chemex or a V60, where the coffee is extracted through one point or aperture – the Kalita utilizes a flat bottom design with three extraction apertures. These features combined with a filter that has minimal contact with the dripper itself eliminates any channeling of the coffee bed and results in an extremely crisp cup that is replicable time after time. 

The Wave is  considered to be the premier coffee dripper on the market; with its sleek design and incredible flavour extraction brew is turning the heads of coffee lovers everywhere and it's fast becoming the new favourite toy of the aesthetic barista. The minimal, streamlined design of the Wave is characteristic of the Kalita company’s values of simplicity and cleanliness. 

Equipment Cafe will be launching this into the SA market shortly, we'll keep you posted on where to find yours! Have you used a Wave before? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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