Gadget Review: Kruve Sifter

Wednesday, 14 March, 2018

Gadget Review: Kruve Sifter

Most coffee professionals believe that even grind size is key to achieving even extraction and exceptional flavour in the cup.

But is a perfectly uniform grind, every time even possible? The Kruve Sifter claims that while many have tried to perfect the grinder, they have apparently perfected the grind… 

Created to solve the problem of uneven grind size, the Kruve Sifter uses two tiers and up to 15 interchangeable sieves to allow for 105 possible grind sizes. We chatted to Wesley Van Biljon of Colombo Coffee to find out what he thought of the Kruve Sifter.

Refining the grind

Kruve is a fantastic tool for controlling the particle size and achieving a cleaner, more tactile cup. It is going to add some time to your brewing process initially but will prove to be easier once the particle size preferences have been identified. 

Using higher quality specialty grade coffees warrants the effort in sifting out fines (small particles) and boulders (large particles) when brewing, to bring out a cleaner quality in the cup. 

The Kruve has great potential, which leaves the door for experimenting open to all who wish to explore coffee further. Personally, I love it.

The quest for the best 

A top-quality grinder is a key piece of equipment for professionals and the conscientious consumer alike, but the Kruve Sifter is a nice addition if you’re looking for a consistently even grind, every time. This theory of the even grind and sifting out the fines to reduce bitterness was tested on the World Barista Championship Stage (with rather a larger sieve for time purposes!) and it proved highly successful.

The Kruve Sifter retails for between R1,025 – R2,675 (depending on whether you want the Two, Six, or Twelve). It’s available at these online outlets: Espresso Concetti, Wake Up Brew, Cape Coffee Beans, and Republic Coffee.

One of our initial concerns with this tool was the possibility for wastage of coffee, but you'll soon see that no good coffee need go to waste. The different chambers hold grind sizes that might not be perfect for your filter brew, but could be used later for a different method; espresso for the fines, a plunger for the coarse grinds.  Just keep a couple airtight containers on hand.



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