Big Announcements from SCASA: Event Schedule 2017/2018 and SCAE Education

Tuesday, 13 September, 2016
Ok folks, there were some big announcements at the SCASA Western Cape Roadshow hosted at Truth Coffee on 14th September.

We're very excited about the unveiling of a new competition schedule which sees multiple venues commit to making the South African coffee competitions as awesome as they possibly can be. The Board of Directors has decided to unbundle the Regional Coffee Competitions which means that Latte Art and Cup Tasters will be held as a seperate event to the Barista Championships, giving them the attention they deserve. This is a tremendous step in upping the standard at these events.

Having the schedule planned out so far in advance also means that coffee professionals and baristas can plan them into their schedule which will hopefully grow the number of participants.

Cycle Year

2018 2017 April 14-23 Gauteng Barista Rand Show

2018 2017 April 29-1 May KZN Latte Art & Cup Tasters at Coffee & Chocolate Expo, Durban

2017 2017 May 07-09 Jul Nationals Barista, Latte Art & Cup Tasters Hostex, Gauteng

2018 2017 June 02-04 June Western Cape Barista Champs Good Food and Wine Show

2017 2017 June World Championship Cup Tasters & Latte Art, World of Coffee - Budapest, Hungary

2018 2017 July 14-16 GP Latte Art & Cup Tasters at Coffee & Chocolate Expo, Johannesburg

2018 2017 July 28-30 GP Coffee Cocktail Competition South Africa Good Food and Wine Show

2018 2017 July 28 EC Barista, Latte Art & Cup Tasters Homemakers Expo Port Elizabeth

2018 2017 September 23-25 Western Cape Latte Art & Cup Tasters Coffee & Choc, Cape Town

2018 2017 October 27-29 KZN Barista Good Food and Wine Show, Durban

2017 2017 November World Championship Barista Korea

2018 2018 March Nationals Rand Show, Gauteng

The other very exciting piece of news is that Lani Snyman, chairperson of the Board, who has been championing coffee education in South Africa for many years, has worked together with her company to bring the SCAE Unit Standards of Education to the South African market, we will update you in more detail about this excellent news as soon as it is finalised!

The evening was great for dialogue about how the association can improve and the 40 plus Cape Town coffee professionals were all impressed at the plans presented by the board. Hopefully with the help of members, this plan can become a reality, so that the grand plan of one day hosting the World Coffee Championships can also be realised!

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