WBC2015: Ishan on the World Stage

Sunday, 12 April, 2015
He has bettered his own personal score by 100 points and kept the South Africans on the world coffee map by placing 18th! Well done Ishan!

"I got feedback and my scoresheets from the judges, I walk away proud and so happy.

The coffee wasn't as balanced and the flavour notes were not as spot on as I said but that's the lesson to take from this, and that I need to listen more to myself and trust my gut.

This has been a career best performance and score at WBC. I am officially ranked 18th for 2015 with a score of 528. The feedback from the judges is that they were very impressed and that out of all the competitors I had an amazing technical scoresheet and one of the highest professionalism and judges total impression scores. When the judges say to you, "fantastic performance, we really enjoyed it" and "you know what we call technical scores like yours...EXTRAORDINARY!", you know you stood up, delivered and got recognised! I'm so chuffed to have hit a few 6's on my technical scoresheet!

Great friendships and impressions made, career best performance and score, recognition and standing out....what more can I ask for from this. See you again soon WBC."

There were a few difficult moments leading up to this performance and this was an extremely good result. Will he back? He promises that he will be!

Looking relaxed and confident ahead of his performance. This cheeky look was at his support team cheering from the stands.

Animated and excited about his delicious Ethiopian Geisha coffee.

The milk proved tricksy for our Champ, but he remained calm under pressure.

He had two grinders with him on stage the Mazzer Robur and the Nuovo Simonelli Mythos One.

The ingredients and equipment for his signature drink.

Loading the espresso into the cream gun with the other ingredients, tart cherry reduction, earl grey tea infusion and a peel of lime.


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