It says 'Barista' on my business card.

Monday, 5 November, 2012
These days I don't get behind our LaMarzocco at the Bean Green for days at a time, but there's nothing quite like that feeling.

When we arrived in CT at Gourmet and were faced with this amazing coffee set-up:

I was understandably frothing.

Our last cup had been in Durban (far too long between cups, grumpiness was setting in), we had gotten lost on the way (no one is blaming me and I blame google so...) but having the opportunity to play on these machines put my caffeine level back on neutral and fed my soul. I used the Hazz In-house Blend, which the team is very proud of, and rightly so. They have just sent off the secret concoction to Italy for testing at LaMarzocco HQ. I think I did the blend justice and was rewarded with a tip of the hat from owner Gary Hay.

Marketing director Marisa with her copy of TheCoffeeMag

Oh yeah, I've still got it :) hehe.

Once a barista, always a barista. If you're in CT in December, put the Barista Throwdown in your diary now!

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