Music to Drink Coffee To feat. Abstract Coffee Club

Thursday, 9 May, 2024

Words by Ayanda Dlamini 

Images supplied by Abstract Coffee Club

Unlike physical art forms like paintings or sculptures, music uses the elements of melody, harmony and rhythm to express feelings and convey meaning. Like coffee, music can create a space for people to connect. I find music helps us define the parts of us that can be hard to put into words. 

Abstract Coffee Club is a good example of this, where music has the ability to express the multiple undertones of what makes up Abstract Coffee Club and their space. The music that they have carefully crafted for their cafe defines their nuanced characteristics, its community, its history and their personal taste.

For all the coffee and music lovers, Abstract Coffee has generously curated a Playlist just for us. Allowing us to experience a sense of musical nostalgia, wherever you are.

This team has an old, collective soul and a deep appreciation and understanding for the cultural and historical significance of jazz music, of which is explored in this beautifully curated playlist.

The process:  Abstract Coffee Club Playlist 

"The process for curating the playlist is quite simple and is informed by hand picked music that resonates with the team and customers of Abstract Coffee Club. Music that reminds us of an ideal place or a person. Essentially, it's music that reminds us of ‘home’.

We love Jazz and we believe that the South African Jazz landscape is really poignant hence the playlist leans heavily on this particular genre. Music should make you feel something, the way a good cup of coffee should make one feel.

In closure the curation of this playlist is a recollection of sort. A recollection of who we are as a people, where we have been and where we see ourselves collectively. 

With love,

The Abstract Coffee Club Team"

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