Coffee Toys Giveaway: Pietro Grinder worth R7500!

Friday, 15 March, 2024

This is truly an innovative handgrinder design and we have had so much fun experimenting with the Pietro by Fiorenzato. The design features vertical flat burrs that help to lower retention, which means that the coffee you put in, is the coffee you get out. A great feature for coffee people who love consistency and weight their coffee each day.

Pietro is an innovative manual grinder built with premium materials and designed with ergonomics in mind: its features clean-cut lines enhance its solidity and functionality.Inside there is the real technological breakthrough, two vertical flat burrs, 58mm diameter, Bohler M340 steel with Dark-T coating and manufactured in-house by Fiorenzato, a guarantee of performance and durability.

You can see a little more about it around minute seven of our Coffee Toys 2024 video.

The goal of the video was to embrace our inner children and the joy we have for all things coffee and in that spirit, we would love you to enter to win one of these amazing grinders (in Arctic White) by captioning one of the images below.

Coffee Toys 2024: Pietro Handgrinder worth R7500

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