WAVI Coffee: Living the Dream

Friday, 8 March, 2024

I think the romantic idea of owning a coffee business can have few more whimsical iterations than a travelling cafe in the back of a vintage Landy with a coastal cliffs backdrop as your home base. This is the dream that Alison and Amy, two Devon, UK locals are living out through WAVI Coffee and we love to see it!

Images supplied by Wavi Coffee

How did you both get into this crazy world of coffee?

The inspiration for taking coffee to the road came from co-founder Amy, who is a professional photographer but from 2020 also spent 3 years working a few shifts a week as a barista, mostly for socialisation and community involvement, having just moved area about 4-months before the world shut-down for a while.

Having developed a passion for coffee, coupling this with a family shared love of the ocean, yoga & surfing, gut-health and sustainable Southwest food, taking it mobile meant she can combine photography seamlessly with everything else -  and you’ll often find her working behind the lens with businesses and brands, wherever Wavi is too!

Are you based somewhere semi-permanently when not doing events?

We are based on the UK Devon coast in a lovely AONB (area of outstanding natural beauty), when we are not out & about sharing great coffee!

What is your local surf break?

Newquay for sure…so many surf beaches to choose from coupled with great warm-up coffee spots such as The Hangout, Milk, Box & Barber, Basket - and then foodie spots close too.  When we’re not surfing, we’re big foodies too!  

What is the produce you highlight from your local suppliers?

Over 99% of Wavi is UK Westcountry sourced from small independent companies, and not the big boys.  Everything has been taste tested by us and we’ve met most of the people behind the businesses. 

Our coffee is organic sourced from B-Corp Porthleven based, Origin Coffee who have supported our journey from the start.  Our teas are from the wonderful team behind Exmoor Tea, and our superfood lattes coming out of Bristol based Blendsmiths.  For all our products we strive to find the most independent and unique products that you might not find elsewhere especially at events & festivals. . By working with small producers we can do just that.

What are some examples of recycling or reusing? Do you have any tips for our readers?

Coffee grounds generate huge amounts of Co2 when not recycled or reused, so we make sure we recycle our coffee grounds at home for composting, facial scrubs and more, and then offer them in our re-used coffee bean bags to take home, free at events, encouraging people to re-use at home.

Our takeaway cups & their paper lids are home compostable rather than recyclable or biodegradable. On the Landrover, we supply our team with a reusable cup to use throughout the day, and we offer a discount if you bring your own cup too.

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