Specialty Coffee Humour (and insights) for True Coffee Nerds: Coffee with Carly

Friday, 26 January, 2024

We have just come back from World of Coffee Dubai feeling inspired and ready for 2024! Now, at a trade show, there is a lot of jargon thrown around. And you're just trying to soak it all up: what varietals are coming to the fore, what are the latest innovations, what flavours should you be tasting in these wild and wonderfully processed fresh crop coffees?!

It can feel overwhelming, especially for the humans (like me) who don't actually cup coffees on the regular.

So when I stumbled across Coffee with Carly and her humorous reels about coffee varietals and processing (that are also very informative and well researched), I was thrilled! And she answers all the questions on her multi-layered, deep coffee knowledge jokes! 

She is a coffee consultant based in Amsterdam with a lot of green coffee experience and an impressive CV and she obviously also has a great sense of humour! We asked her how this recent comedic journey took flight:

"A couple weeks ago I posted a reel showing sensory defects in coffee if they were cute. It felt so silly to post but people loved it, so it’s been evolving since then! I’m just glad people are all getting something from the videos, whether it’s learning something new or giggling at some nerdy industry joke. Coffee is so complex and understandably heavy at times. It’s been fun to bring something positive and goofy to the table!"

Well we can't wait for the next one! Please do yourself a favour and go check her out on Instagram.

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