Grab it & go at luxury spot Dough&Co!

Thursday, 30 November, 2023

By Ayanda Dlamini 

Dough&co. -  40 7th Avenue, Corner 3rd Ave, Parktown North, Randburg, 2193

Whether you’re seeking a peaceful morning retreat or a vibrant afternoon gathering spot, Dough & Co. effortlessly delivers an exceptional cafe experience. With its inviting ambiance, delectable offerings and good coffee, this little gem represents the artistry of small-scale, quality-focused establishments. 

The ambiance brings together a contemporary design aesthetic, with an inviting sense of warmth. Providing a space that not only influences customers to pause, but also caters to those seeking a quick interval in their busy schedules. 

I really admired their clever use of fresh bagels and breads as decorative accents on the walls. It added so much character to the small space and showcased the heart of Dough & Co. - its dedication to doughy goods. I think Dough & Co. nailed the fusion of modern designs with cozy elements, it sets the stage for an authentic experience in the realm of grab-and-go. 

This little spot helps to redefine the idea of convenience. For them it’s not just about quickly grabbing a cup of coffee or a pastry; it’s about experiencing a moment of luxury amidst a busy day. 

The true stars of the show are the aromas and flavours that captivate your senses. They use a brand of coffee called Dimello, a blend called Capri. Mine (my standard black Americano) was brewed with expertise and care. I found the rich and robust flavours paired beautifully with their array of sweet treats. So, for those seeking solace in a good cup of coffee and craving the comfort of pastries or bagels, Dough & Co. eagerly awaits to charm you with its cozy allure and indulgent pleasure of freshly baked pastries.

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