Cafe Focus: Joon's Coffee Bar Gallery

Thursday, 10 August, 2023

Joon’s Coffee Bar Gallery: a space for creatives by creatives 

by Ayanda Dlamini 

Joon’s Coffee Bar Gallery is what I would imagine Art School feels like. This space is the epitome of artistic expression, from its people to its interior design. It resembles a studio filled with creatives and fashionistas wearing clothes that are almost a direct derivative of their personalities. This cafe, to me, represents an interactive gallery, with live music playing in the background, people painting, some sketching and others simply sipping their coffee taking it all in.

I was taken through a creative journey by Grant Patrick (owner and founder of Joon’s). Who I found to be a textbook version of what you would imagine a creative coffee shop owner to look like. Very cool, calm and collected in his demeanour, wears a normal black beanie but somehow looks trendy in it and oval glasses which really enhance his insightful artistic side. 

He spoke so passionately about the intention behind his 2 year old cafe. When it comes to coffee, Joon’s is in their exploration phase, Grant is still trying to find the perfect fit, while expressing his appreciation for African coffees. At the moment they’re using a Guatemalan coffee, that is typical of its fruity and moderately acidic notes. My coffee was made with so much love, served to me with a shortbread biscuit and a fresh canvas for me to start painting anything I wanted. I enjoyed how the space felt so welcoming, so personal and non judgemental in the sense that, we are all there to create something out of pure enjoyment, whether you have the skills or not. 

My biggest takeaway from our long conversation was that it's a growing space for creatives. Joon’s Cafe gives you permission to create whatever you want, however you want. It’s a space that offers quality in the world of creatives and a high vibrational sense of community.

I once watched a Ted Talk about what's typically referred to as the “creative process” and I really resonated with the statement: “creativity is nature manifesting in us” (Ted Talk: “Give yourself permission to be creative” by Ethan Hawke). I left this café reflecting on this statement, because as a creative I see how much more I thrive in a space surrounded by creative beings. Something about it feels very right and inspiring. It reassured me that as a part of my human nature, I am meant to surround myself with creatives and create. I look forward to my next visit to Joon’s, where I know for sure, I will experience good coffee and good people. 

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