A little bit of Rock 'n Roll with Issue 43, The Autumn Edition 2023

Friday, 31 March, 2023

We love a bit of fun! And doesn't this cover just make you smile? Music, like coffee and our favourite things sport, has the power to unite and this cover is an ode to all the lifestyle threads that wind their way through the world of coffee.

We are so proud and grateful to present you with Autumn 2023!

This magazine is packed full of wonderful coffee stories, the humans behind the coffee, the places it comes from, the best way to brew it and some magical ways to enjoy it! 

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Cover: Like a Rolling Stone

The City of Roses has always been a fertile breeding ground for some of South Africa’s most competitive talents – now meet Bloemfontein’s newest star – SA Barista Champion – Stevo Kühn!  This talented human has followed his heart and his passion, and now spends his time travelling extensively both Nationally and abroad as a sought-after barista trainer, competitor and all-round inspiring mentor to many in the rock 'n roll world of coffee!

Discover: Oceanic Coffee

The accepted wisdom about coffee farming conditions is changing. Rory Kleu, an agronomist, investigates the possibilities of low altitude grown coffee and smashing the myths of the coffee belt.

Human Interest: Hitting all the Right Notes

Meet Retha van Rhijn, the 2023 South African Cup Tasters Champion and a woman of many talents. 

Culture: The Space to Grow

A beautiful photography feature highlighting the talented and respected women of the Colombian coffee industry through the lens of Lucia Bawot. Her book is available for pre-order now.

Brew: Grip it and Rip it!

Get your grind on with the new era of handheld grinders as we appreciate how far this gadget has come in recent years and reveal our current favourites.

Origin: A History of Excellence

We travel to Costa Rica with Kate Burnett; specifically to a region that has been in the spotlight in specialty circles for the last couple of years. Volcan Azul, one of the farms run by the Castro family, has made waves with some of the best coffee professionals in the world showcasing their coffees on the world stage. But success doesn’t happen overnight, and the effort is definitely worth the wait.

Back to Basics: The Pursuit of Practice

The willingness to improve must come with the acceptance that practice is the only way forward. These aren’t revolutionary ideas, but the simple things matter when it comes to ensuring a consistently delicious cup. Imile de Villiers, who has extensive barista training experience, enlightens us on the benefits of practice, both at home and in the cafe space.

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