Cafe Focus: The Cove

Thursday, 9 March, 2023

Welcome to The Cove.

Located in a very busy street in the southern suburbs, this new cafe spot is impossible to miss. It is incredible how they managed to create a space that is both warm and charming. The bold yet calm colour of the building is what draws you in, but the mellow and cozy atmosphere is what keeps you there. You can expect to be greeted by friendly staff and the wonderful aroma of coffee as you walk in.

The carefully curated space reflects hints of earthy hues from the white walls, green plants, and art that blend well together. As you walk through the space, you can't help but notice the artisan pictures on the wall.The pictures are of various countries from which the coffee they offer is sourced, this is one of the ways they ensure that their customers are educated about the coffee they are consuming.

The café is a two-story building that also offers additional seating on the second floor; they have an outdoor seating area on both floors which includes a breathtaking
view of the mountain. Unfortunately I did not get a chance to seat outside due to the weather, but I did get a chance to explore the space after the rain had stopped and man! I must say that the beauty of a mountain view is unmatched.

I had the pleasure of being served by Kudzi who talked me through the menu and gave me great recommendations on what to try. I decided to go with the Toumeya, a light breakfast coupled with a creamy Tanzania cortado which was the coffee of the day. I enjoyed the coffee so much that I had to order another one.

Although they do not offer an extensive food menu, they do offer a light breakfast and baked goods that go well with their delicious coffee and drinks.

The cafe offers a comfortable working space for individuals who want to draw inspiration outside their own four walls. Even with loadshedding you can expect to get some good filter coffee and wi-fi, the perfect combination for a productive day.

I also had a chat with Ray, the co-owner, who briefly described their vision for the place. Their plan was to create a space that both captures the culture of the city and brings people together over food and amazing coffee. He also highlighted his passion for partnering with local businesses and how choosing Bean There as the coffee brand to serve was a no-brainer, as they believe in fair trading. I am definitely excited to see what the future holds for The Cove, and I have no doubt that it will indeed be a bright one.

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