Cold Brew Coffee Rum? Want to try some?

Friday, 27 January, 2023

Coffee and alcohol have a long history together and when done right, the combination is a winner. Innocent Spirits a distillery in Cape Town has created a Cold Brew Coffee Aperitif using their award winning rum.

Now I grew up in a home that was partial to a Kahlua Dom Pedro as the night cap to a good South African braai, but when we as teenagers (sorry parents!) started to raid the liquor cabinet, we found that the syrupy Kahlua was a bit much on it's own and far better paired with ice cream, ie it was probably the only thing that went untouched by cheeky teenagers!

The Innocent Spirits Aperitif is reminiscent of Kahlua only in the nostalgic memory way. It's smooth, not too sweet and delicious on the rocks! But, it still does taste phenomenal with a quality vanilla ice cream, just saying.

This Arabica Spirit Aperitif is made from cold brew coffee, which is first carefully roasted in small batches, gentle steeping and finally blended with the spirit. It has won the "Best Flavoured Rum" award at the South African Rum awards in 2020 and 2021, is 30% abv and retails for R500 per bottle from the Innocent Spirits website. 

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