Crypto Baristas: NFT's and web.3.0 meet coffee culture!

Monday, 18 July, 2022

You may have heard about cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and Ethereum, and you may even have heard about the blockchain technology that form the open ledger systems that these (and many other cryptocurrencies!) rely on - but have you heard about NFT's ?

Non-Fungible Tokens are a form of ownership and validation in the blockchain world that prove ownership of a digital artwork in cycberspace to one user.

Watch this video on it: (it's really funny!)

Crazy, right?

Then there's more... apparently the real value in the NFT is not only the ownership but the Utility behind the ownership...basically a club that your NFT is your membership card to, and this Utility is through specific apps like Dischord.

It didn't take long for some coffee-loving tech folks in NYC to jump into the coffee space with...wait for it.... Crypto Baristas! 

Though this all seems a little crazy and non-real world, check out there website and see the application of the concept to some real-world benefits, like coffee from some NYC coffee spots and putting cash back into sustainable, environmental coffee solutions at farm level.

If you're interested in this, they are holding their first Barista Workshop (and you don't need to own an NFT to join)

Barista Workshop:

 The first Barista Workshop is here!

Join our host Full Metal Barista, who will share the barista basics live on Discord!

This is an hour free-to-all class being held on our Discord. Those who attend will not only learn new barista skills but will earn a POAP!

This will be the first of many barista workshops to come!

Date: 7-21-22
Time: 3:00 PM EST

*you do not need to be a Crypto Barista holder to join!

You heard it here first. 

This is just one example / character of the many NFTs created by the crypto baristas team.

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