Get Winston Thomas to Melbourne for the World Barista Championships!

Friday, 1 July, 2022

With coffee competitions back in full swing, we are looking forward to the World Barista Championships in Melbourne at the end of September at the Melbourne International Convention Centre. We have a Champion heading to represent us and he needs our assistance!

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"Hello! My name is Winston (Douglas) Thomas. I am the current South African Barista Champion (2020) and I need some support to get to the World Barista Championships in Melbourne later this year :)

So the World Coffee Championships is basically the Olympics of coffee and the World Barista Championships is the main event - the 100m sprint! I have participated in this event twice before. In 2017 finishing 41st in the world and in 2018 finishing 32nd in the world (a South African has never made it past the first round and onto the Semi Finals and Finals). On my third attempt I am older, wiser and understand what it takes to do better. The only challenge is that I do not have the financial backing given to competitors each year due to COVID related challenges. Thus the fund-raising campaign!

Travelling and expenses in Melbourne is not cheap. Generally this is covered for each competitor but unfortunately not this time around. I would use the funding for my flights, extra luggage, accommodation, VISA, in country travel expenses and more.  None of the cash raised would be for my own pocket - all funds raised would go towards competition related expenses. 

I do appreciate your support!"

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