Coffee in the Park: Get Bird!

Monday, 20 June, 2022

The crisp cold of the Johannesburg winter is bracing and invigorating, but it does require that you keep moving if you're outside! A wonderful way to do that is at the James & Ethel Park in Birdhaven. And, bonus, there is a delightful coffee cart, Get Bird, serving up Seam Coffee and in partnership with Kleinsky's Bagels. 

On doing some research, is a joint venture between a couple of wonderful brands that can deliver all their goods to you! Another lockdown necessity that we're happy came about and it seems is here to stay.

The park itself has also seen a boost because of lockdown, with more people using it than ever before making it safer and better maintained, a community success story!

If you're looking for some beautiful scenery, delicious coffee and a dose of puppy love from all the dogs there for their daily walks, then this gem in Birdhaven is for you!

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