The Coffee Magazine Autumn Edition 2022, Issue 39

Friday, 1 April, 2022

This edition attempts to inspire you see the world of coffee differently! On the cover we present to you the deconstructed coffee tree. Foraged from Beaver Creek Coffee Farm on the KwaZulu Natal South Coast in South Africa.

Also inside: Why you’re paying more for your coffee | Timor-Leste Coffee Exclusive | The Coffee Delivery Revolution | Recycling your Takeaway Cups | Universal recipe builder | Ancient brewing methods

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Roast: The Rise and Rise of Green Coffee

The price of coffee took a steep turn at the end of last year, we asked expert Charles Denison to explain why and what the future looks like for our daily fix.

Brew: Let’s Beat the Drum for Coffee

Inspired by musical notes, a husband and wife team in India are sending ripples through the coffee world and creating a tool to brew any coffee recipe.

Discover: The realities of Recycling

Billions of takeaway coffees are served every day, but there are people dedicated to not only reducing the impact of this, but making the recycled waste an income source.

Culture: To Your Door - The Future of Deliveries

The pandemic changed delivery culture for good, but for delicious hot coffee there are still a few barriers.

Human Interest: In Pole Position  - An interview with Natalia Kwiatkowska

At the pinnacle of the competitive coffee world, you’ve got to have drive, and Natalia Kwiatkowska is up to the challenge.

Origin: Discovering Timor-Leste

This island marred by struggles for independence is finding its voice and coffee is at the core of its burgeoning identity.

Travel: Ancient Traditions

From high in the sky to brewing coffee in brass, the desert reveals many wonders. Take a trip with Arabic coffee

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