The Champ's Cortado: Freeze Distilled Milk Deliciousness

Wednesday, 9 December, 2020

So if you keep your eye on World Barista Championship (WBC) trends, you will have noticed that over the last few years, the milk used on stage is a little bit different than your average. Realistically we know that most of you are rolling your eyes at us right now, because only a tiny percentage of the people reading this keep their eye on WBC trends. But that's what we're here for! To give you all the latest coffee geekery in user friendly ways!

So, the trend in milk has been to use Freeze Distilled Milk for the milk beverage round to enhance sweetness in the coffees used. How does the milk do this? Well Freeze Distilled Milk is the process of freezing milk and then letting it slowly thaw over another container. This is because, the solids in the milk (all the sweet stuff) thaw first, leaving you with a rich milk concentrate where most of the water in the milk is removed.

Ok so that sounds like quite a lot of effort, but that's why we have coffee professionals in our lives! The good people at Thando Coffee Company are bringing a little WBC magic to everyday coffee drinking life by offering The Champs Cortado, a freeze-distilled milk cortado. You can go check it out in Randburg. It just adds a level of indulgence to your cup, making it a pretty phenomenal experience. Works well as a cortado too, because it is very rich, so a shorter cup is perfect!

Thando Coffee Company. The Club House Centre, Malibongwe Dr, Randburg, 2194

David, The Champ, made our cortados! They were delicious!

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