Lockdown Solutions: How about leasing a bike for coffee deliveries? Find out how!

Friday, 15 May, 2020

Lockdown is proving to be a difficult trading period for the coffee community but with every new challenge comes opportunity!

Just ask Denis Vaden, well known to the Coffee Community in SA as the guy behind State 5 Coffee.

Denis' latest offering for coffee people looking to beat the lockdown is a motorbike delivery leasing offer.  You can lease a bike from Denis for R2500 a month which includes branding, insurance and a whole lot more! 

"It's about timing - Everyone is going to need to deliver at some point in this time. People need to deliver." 

"We have a leasing business, we already lease coffee equipment to the market, so why not add a motorbike to it and allow people to deliver?"  says Denis.

He's not kidding around! Denis is an entrepreneur who is always looking to challenge conventional thinking and ways of doing business!

"We have come up with bikes, fully maintained and insured 125 cc delivery bikes which are more powerful than a scooter, and we are leasing them to small businesses for R2500 a month"

The bike leasing service is available Nationwide. "We have dealerships in each of the provinces, but it will require the guys to bring the bikes in every once in a while to keep them running perfectly" 

We asked Denis about delivering hot coffee - how does he see it working?  "If we are clever enough in this and we get enough guys in the coffee industry on board, we can build custom made boxes to hold coffees and even have a warmer  in the back. You never really get a great cappuccino unless you are delivering really close, but it could work for Americanos and Filter coffee, no doubt"

" If I get enough takers, I'm happy to do the work behind the scene and drive this. Ten people would be a great number to start off with" 

If you are interested in working with Denis on this you can contact him on denis@freshbrands.co.za or on 082 572 2605

Denis aka "Mr. State 5"

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