Scotsman SA Roadshow featuring Michalis Dimitrikopolous

Friday, 6 March, 2020

It's been a heck of a week! 3 cities in 3 days starting with Hostex in Joburg , then Durban and finally Cape Town, but all who managed to catch the Scotsman SA Roadshow with Michalis will agree that there is much to be learned about ice, iced-coffee, coffee cocktails and all things cold-coffee.

Michalis is the 2016 Coffee in Good Spirits World Champion from 2016 and placed second at WBC last year. The man knows his way around a bar and can serve up a mean variety of good coffee cocktails! 

So what did we learn from the Champ? Well, firstly that in South Africa we clearly don't have the cold coffee culture that exists abroad and it was incredibly exciting to be shown the possibilities by someone like Michalis who demonstrated so many cold-coffee options in his Masterclass.

There was everything the cold drip extractions, to cold-brew bases for coffee cocktails. There were coffee infusion lessons and home-made syrup and vinegar formulas.

It is clear that the South African coffee scene does not yet really know what Afternoon and Evening Cafe looks like, which is ironic because of the hot climate we live in, and also our affinity to enjoy a drink in the evenings after a long day. Most significant though, this is a great business niche that is yet to be tapped!

Listening to Michalis throughout this trip, and in the discussions with the many folks who attended the Roadshow Masterclasses, there is a HUGE opportunity here. We will be posting some of the Champs recipes soon in an upcoming series, but for now - enjoy the images and a HUGE thanks to Scotsman for bringing Michalis out to SA for this incredible experience! 

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