Coming to you live from Boston!

Wednesday, 10 April, 2019

The Red Sox. Cider. Harvard. Boston Irish construction workers and a sub-zero chill factor. All the things one would expect from the infamous Tea Party City. Except this week, it’s all about coffee and we’re here to bring you the highlights, the best coffee spots, the latest trends and innovations from the Specialty Coffee Expo 2019!

It’s the first week of the baseball season, which means it’s supposed to be spring. The trees that line the neat little Boston avenues are bravely attempting to push forward their first spring buds but the chill in the air and the icy cold is not making it easy. Hard Core Red Sox fans brave the bleachers while most huddle in cosy bars and watch the action on the enormous TVs. 

The Specialty Coffee Expo is in Boston this year. It’s the largest gathering of Coffee People in the world, and it’s also the host to two of the major competitions - the World Barista Competition and the World Brewers Cup.  The Expo centre is huge. The floor space alone is about 5 times bigger than the size of the Cape Town Expo Centre and it has four floors, panelled with glass which makes it look like one continuous monstrosity.  

Besides the WBC and WBRC competitions, this is where the coffee world meets. The SCA has training workshops, there is Re:co ( the academic side of coffee), the Barista and Roasters Guilds are running mixers and workshops, the SCA is holding hourly panel discussions, the SCA Home Brewers are holding demos for the Public and of course there is the main trade show floor where every big brand and many medium and little brands have their wares on the show floor.  

The Boston cafe scene has proved delightful! From the wonderful Broadsheet Coffee Roasters in Cambridge to the gorgeous stores of the local brand, Tatte serving Stumptown. You will certainly be hearing more about those here soon!

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