The first Block Chain certified coffee, and the company is based in SA!

Wednesday, 20 February, 2019

If you, like me, have not quite grasped how much Blockchain technology is now part of our lives and are still a little in the dark as to what it actually is then here is some educational reading. And for those of you who are much more savvy than I, below is an example of blockchain technology being used to ensure transparency in the coffee supply chain.

We think this is a noble endeavour, but still remain a little unclear as to how to access the  data about each stage or how the Provenance certification system works. We know a lot of coffee roasters doing their utmost to ensure that you the customers are getting coffee sourced through means that are sustainable and that ultimately benefit the farmer. Could this be a tool to make that process more transparent? Or could money used for the certification process find its way rather to the farmers? We are interested to see how Blockchain technology becomes more part of the coffee industry.


Carico Café Connoisseur in Uganda announced the launch of the world’s first fully block chain certified coffee.

The coffee, Carico Café Connoisseur’s Bugisu Blue, has recently been launched in South Africa with an overwhelming support from coffee lovers. Announcing the launch, Carico’s CEO Mwambu Wanendeya comments, “The launch is the culmination of an incredible amount of work which we have done with our farmers and other partners in Uganda. Every step of this coffee’s journey, from its growth to sale in shops and other outlets, is fully documented and traceable.” The product journey of our coffee can be traced on the UK certification site Provenance.

Carico Café Connoisseur’s coffees originate (instead of are) are from Uganda and include the Bugisu Blue, Bugisu Peaberry and Espresso Roast brands. The coffees are available for sale in South Africa and the United States and online through the Carico website. Carico Café Connoisseur’s coffees will soon be launched in Switzerland and plans are underway for additional launches in other European markets.

The Bugisu Blue and Bugisu Peaberry are 100% Arabica coffees shade grown at an altitude of over 1300 metres and 1600 metres above sea level in rich volcanic loam soils on the slopes of Mount Elgon in eastern Uganda. The warm days and cold nights in the Mount Elgon area combine with the terrain and high altitude to produce a high-quality coffee which is enhanced by the steady rainfall.

CARICO’s Espresso Roast is a rich and full blend of Bugisu Arabica with Ugandan Robusta added for crema and body.

CARICO’s coffees are hand-picked, washed and wet processed to create a clean flavour and consistency before being freshly roasted in South Africa to preserve their delicate bouquets. No fertilisers are used in the production of the coffee. In the cup, Uganda’s washed coffees bring sanity body and ripe stone fruit tones, along with a delicate touch of red berry and a buttery finish.  The best natural coffees feature a lush dark berry jam flavour and mouthful-feel complimented by nougat-like mid tones.

The launch of Carico’s premium African coffees comes at a time when the coffee industry globally is changing as more consumers are demanding coffees which are fully traceable. Uganda, Africa’s largest coffee exporter, is also the seventh largest coffee exporter in the world. An estimated 1.7 million people in the east African country are coffee farmers and they produce the nation’s largest source of foreign exchange.

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