Healthy Coffee: Work out while you wait for your brew!

Friday, 30 November, 2018

Healthy Summer: Work out while waiting for your coffee

That first cup of coffee in the morning is always worth the wait, but wellness expert, Lisa Raleigh, has some tips for how to make the most of your time spent waiting for your coffee to brew! If you’ve got five minutes to brew, you’ve got five minutes to move!

The Full Body Resistance Band Workout requires just one piece of equipment: a resistance band. Resistance bands are a great training tool, allowing you to add resistance to your workout, wherever you are. The non-gravitational resistance of the band also allows you to protect your joints as you train. And you can do all these exercises in the comfort of your own home while waiting for that caffeine kick – the perfect time to sneak in an upper body workout…

Lunge with Bicep Curl

Stand with your left leg in front of you and right leg behind you. Secure the band under your front foot, holding an edge in each hand. Sink down until both knees bend to 90 degrees, keeping elbows at your sides as you pull hands up to your shoulders. Pause for a moment then rise up to your starting position. Perform the number of advised reps then repeat with the opposite leg. 

Standing Fly

Stand with feet apart. Hold the ends of the band in each hand, loop it behind your back and stretch arms out to form a T-shape. Keeping a slight bend in your arms, draw hands together in front of your chest. Pause for a moment then stretch back out to your starting position.

Single-Arm Shoulder Press

Stand with one end of your band secured under your feet and the other in your hand, held at shoulder height. Push up above your head until your arm is straight, hold for a moment, then return to your starting position. Perform the number of advised reps then repeat with the opposite arm.

Oblique Side Reach

Stand with feet wide apart. Secure a band under your feet, holding an end in each hand. Lean down to the one side, pulling up the edge of the resistance band on the other side as you move. Straighten back up, then lean to the opposite side.

Two sets of 6–10 reps of these exercises should be enough to let your French Press steep. If you’re feeling energetic, download Lisa Raleigh’s Full Body Resistance Band Workout as a PDF. You can also purchase more of Lisa Raleigh’s workout programmes on her website, for around R20 per programme. They’re great to take to the gym if you’re not sure what to do, or for working out at home!

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