Sneak Peek: Winter Edition is out and looking fresh!

Wednesday, 4 July, 2018

We're feeling all sorts of nervous, excited, happy, ecstatic about the next couple of months of Winter.

Not only is this beauty on shelves, (Find it from next week at any of our wonderful distributors or order a subscription here)

What can you look forward to?

Lead Story: How can we be better Customers?

As we grow accustomed to better service, higher production values and ultimately better coffee, perhaps we also need to aspire to be better customers. As a customer, you are an integral part of the fabric of any cafe. Go ahead, make your barista’s day!

Roast: Stories from Behind The Roaster

Anastasia Prikhodko chats to a few roasters that all have their own signature style in making coffee roasting magic and finding the line between technology and art.

Brew: Home Barista Basics - Tools for Better Espresso

The importance of levelling and tamping coffee isn’t fully understood, by new baristas and home coffee brewers alike. But it’s arguably one of the most essential parts of the process — it can make or break the tastiness of your coffee! 

Culture: Riding the Dragon 

On hearing of a secret wave while enjoying a coffee in Ubud, Bali, John McCarthy is thrust into a race against time. With coffee as his only accomplice, will he find the wave and make it to the airport on time?

Discover: Zambia, Wild at Heart

A barista adventures into Zambia and uncovers the wonders this region has to offer. 

Taste: The Ultimate Cold Brew

Brew Mistress, Lucy Corne, explores the best coffee infused beers that the market has to offer.

Discover Great Coffee: Coffee For a Cause

Here are our top picks for places to visit if you have a heart for paying it forward!

Kick: Interview with World Barista Champ, Dale Harris

This scholar and gentleman used his love of learning to create a truly unique routine at the competition in Seoul last year, and he continues to make waves.

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