The Elvis Brew Krust Coffee Blend

Thursday, 26 April, 2018

Elvis Blue is not only one of South Africa’s most successful music artists, but now also has his own blend of coffee! The Elvis Brew Krust Coffee Blend launched at the Krust Café in Eden Meander Shopping Centre in George on the 5th of February. We chatted to Carla Richards of Krust Café to find out how the Elvis Blue and Krust Café coffee pairing came about…


What inspired the Elvis Brew Krust Coffee pairing?

Elvis was a regular customer at Krust, and loved our coffee, so he asked us to create a blend for him. We wanted a blend that would appeal to his fans, but also have the Krust stamp of approval – and so the Elvis Brew was created! 

We launched Elvis Brew at Krust Café and invited all the coffee lovers and Elvis Blue fans in George. Only Elvis Brew cappuccinos were served while Elvis performed. It was a very successful night and all agreed that the coffee was superb.


How did you create this signature blend?

Elvis Blue loved his coffee and was very eager to learn more about the roasting process. We met with our roaster, Ben Ferreira, who showed Elvis his Genio roaster and explained the process, from green bean to creating the final product. 


With the help and expertise from Ben we were able to create a great tasting blend. It’s a medium roast of a mixture of African and South American beans – a rich, full-bodied coffee with chocolate and nutty flavours. It’s a must as a cappuccino or flat white, and is a favourite of many of our customers!

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