Cafe Al Fresco

Wednesday, 10 October, 2012
All words and pictures by Anton Louw

Welcome to Café Al Fresco – a series about coffee and the great without-walls.

We love our coffee, but as you will see, we don’t know too much about it just yet. We like our coffee shops, with their comfy chairs, creative décor, wi-fi and cool characters, but we also love getting away from it all. When we do, we like to take that most important element of civilisation with us, and it comes in the form of beans. With a gas burner, a variety of brewing methods, a grinder and not much of a clue, we aim to enjoy a good cup in the great outdoors that we are fortunate to have almost on our doorstep.

We are firm believers that your mood and environment are important in determining your flavour perceptions, and so with bit of extra oxygen, a dose of endorphins and amazing sights around us, we venture forth. We hope you enjoy Café Al Fresco!

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