Tiny Cafe: Counter Culture

Friday, 15 September, 2017

Things overheard while sitting at Counter Culture:

“Ah, the highlight of my day!”

“You know I tried without sugar like you recommended, I could really taste the coffee, it was delicious.”

"Can I have another pour over please?"

Now that’s what I like to hear when I walk in to a new coffee space. While Counter Culture may have a new home, they’ve been going for a while now on the North Coast of KZN and they have really found their groove on Florida Road.

Nicky is one of my all-time favourite baristas. She literally lights up a room with her smile and charm and when the room is your local cafe, you’re in for a treat. She is finally competing in the KZN barista champs this year, which I am thrilled about! Luke van der Merwe, owner, will also be judging. Really cool to see them entering the competition fray, it's an amazing way to learn.

We tasted the Subculture Blend (50% Tanzania/50% Brazil) as both an expertly extracted cortado and as the Batch Brew filter. Thoroughly enjoyed both: with the milk our cortado had toasted peanut brittle notes (wild!) and the black filter was smooth, with honey sweetness and gentle plum fruitiness. Kudos to roaster Kevin Clark of Bishop Coffee Roasters and Vintage Coffee for a delightful blend.


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