Tribe Coffee at TEDGlobal

Friday, 1 September, 2017
Tribe Coffee Roasting partners with TEDGlobal 2017 in Tanzania

After 10 years, TEDGlobal is returning to its roots at the 2017 conference in Arusha, Tanzania to discuss the remarkable growth and unique challenges that continue to face the African continent. Aligning with TEDGlobal’s desire to remain inquisitive and continue to learn, Tribe has offered conference participants an opportunity to explore their own curiosities surrounding coffee from the African continent and beyond.

The Tribe team has spent nearly a decade mastering the science of roasting, cupping hundreds of different beans, and becoming green bean assessors. Combining science with artistry, this honest coffee brand has provided novices and pros with complimentary cups of coffee and multi-sensory experiences that has helped them get to know the story behind the coffee they are drinking.

Spreading ideas through talks and conversation, TED is a nonpartisan, nonprofit that covers a range of topics from dinosaurs to potable water, in more than 110 languages. During the 2017 event, TEDGlobal has brought together diverse participants across a variety of industries, from creatives to entrepreneurs to technologists, offering a platform that connects people who have the power to effect positive change.

Among the world’s leading history makers and shakers, Tribe Coffee Roasters have shared their passion for not only coffee, but the growers, producers, sellers, and connoisseur who dedicate their lives to the art of coffee. With a passion to influence coffee drinkers from all backgrounds, the company strives to continue making quality coffee at an affordable price.

Owner and co-founder Jake Easton believes that ‘coffee is not just about the moment when you are enjoying your cup, the beauty of the bean is that it’s alive with a story to tell. We have enjoyed sharing our story at TEDGlobal 2017.’

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