REVIEW: The Java Maestro Coffee Dripper

Tuesday, 11 April, 2017
The coffee landscape has grown so much in the last 10 years that there are more coffee brewing methods available than you would ever imagine. So what sets them apart from each other? Well they all extract flavour from the coffee in slightly different ways through the materials used, but the other biggest differences are largely aesthetic and price point.

We were sent a Java Maestro to test out and were able to get a pretty great cup of coffee. Always a lot of fun to play with new equipment and this makes a fine addition to our brewing collection!

So why would you choose a Java Maestro Coffee Dripper?

There is no need for additional filters. It's an all in one piece of equipment, the stainless steel cone sits directly on top of your cup. This makes it re-usable, which we like.

The metal filtration gives you an extremely clean cup. The very fine mesh means no sediment or fines get through into your cup. As it was a hot day, we also tried the filter with room temperature water for a quick cold brew and found that the metal filter doesn't really clog up like a paper filter which is pretty useful.

 It is affordable. At R400, you are not breaking the bank for an efficient and durable brewing mechanism.

TIPS: Rinse that bad boy a couple times before using, our first attempt resulted in a rather metallic outcome. As the filter is so microfine, we would recommend you do a detergent soak after every couple of uses to avoid oil build up!

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