Winner: Office Coffee Set up from The Coffee Co

Friday, 31 March, 2017

We were so overwhelmed by the response to this competition! Good coffee in the office is obviously a must-have. We had the best responses from offices asking for this amazing prize, but in the end there could only be one lucky office! Thank you so much to Manus and Christo of The Coffee Co for making this awesome competition a possibility!

And the winners are the engineers from ZZ2 Farm in Limpopo! Ian van Brouwershaven has just become the most popular person in the office for entering this competition!!! Their entry was just classic!! 

"This is a message from the engineering department of South Africa's favourite tomato farming company:

Dear Mr Manus & Christo.

Welcome to this introduction write-up about the coffee drinking engineers working on a farm in Limpopo, Southern Africa ......

It is going to be a great motivation, absolutely fantastic.

Our founding father was Willem van Zyl ( True story) ,and not directly related to Willem van Oranje by the way. Willem landed in Cape Town shortly after some guy called Jan van Riebeeck. Great guy, you would have loved him, that is Willem of course. Willem fought against insubordination, couldn't do it, total winner, and left to find a place of his own. After 300+ years and 2000 km we are building his legacy to be the greatest gardeners in the world.

We practise "Natuurboerdery". It is the best farming methodology in the world. We've got all THE BEST technology in harmony with nature. All the industrial farming methods have failed. Pesticide total disaster! fake! It is not even real plant food.

We've got Tomatoes, Avo and Mangoes and they are THE BEST. You can eat some of our Apples or have some of our Dates or you can even have some of our cherries, it is fantastic!

We've built the Voorwaartsdam. It is a great great wall to keep some of the Limpopo river's water in a dam for the Mexica... err dry season. In-fact we've built an entire new tomato farm together with the wall, okay! Nobody builds better farms than we do!

People tell us, very important people tell us...., they tell us we've got the best vacation evasion system ever created. It is just unbelievable. People at work all the time. It is a great place for the best coffee dispenser. It will dispense coffee all the time.

You got the Rooma A-9 coffee machine. We got company issue "pakhuis koffie" also known as a... well, it is fake. We cannot serve it to our visitors...

And last but not least, we've got a great, great, great dependency on a new coffee machine. It's huge. We hope you totally understand that we need to be first in line to win this Rooma A-9 coffee machine. WE CANNOT COME SECOND. Put the Netherlands second....and lets keep making our farms even greater again!

Is that OK?

Thank you for reading and best wishes

ZZ2's Engineering office"

A parody of the Dutch video targeting Trump, we think these guys are definitely THE BEST. If you haven't seen the video, then please do yourself a favour and watch it below.

Team ZZ2 - These are the original coffee aficionados that introduced "real" coffee to the ZZ2 Offices: 
(L-R) Johan Grobler, Thomas van der Meulen, Manie Potgieter and Ian van Brouwershaven.

Well done guys!!!

Happy Friday everyone.

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