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Thursday, 28 July, 2016

Dear Coffee Lovers

Welcome to our new look website! We are very excited about this new interface and think it makes your reading even more delicious.

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Coffee people get asked all the time, “How do we get more flavour out of our coffee?”. Simple… Grind fresh.

Ask any great barista or fan of making the best coffee at home. We are always chasing that great coffee experience. Looking for that device or technique to take our coffee to the next level.

Now with the launch of the Baratza Encore grinder into the South African market, as home coffee ambassadors, we finally have a grinder that can give us everything you need from your equipment, allowing you to explore the best in your favourite coffees.

The Aeropress is famous for its ability to bring out the best in any coffee. It’s ease of use, durability, simplicity and cost effectiveness. Has long been the brew device of choice for any coffee lover.

Fresh from his trip to Dublin to represent South Africa at the World Aeropress Championship. We have Winston Thomas’s recipe used at that very same competition.

20g coffee
Fresh Ground – Slightly finer than filter ground
Water temp = 85ᵒC
Start timer and add 60ml of water
Saturate grinds and stir 5 times
At 30 seconds add 170ml of water
Stir 5 times
At 1 minute screw on cap and plunge for 40 seconds

Total brew time 1min 45sec

So whether you are using the Encore or a hand grinder like the Rhino Mini, grinding fresh will always give the best!

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