Dublin Coffee Photo Journal by Winston Thomas

Wednesday, 29 June, 2016

Third Floor Espresso Showroom, affectionately recognised as 3fe.

From my understanding the first of it's kind. But don't be fooled by all the equipment on display. The coffee is as good as it would be in any traditional cafe space.


3FE Grand Canal

The 3FE showroom set a high standard. That being said the main cafe did not disappoint. Hands down the best all round cafe I've ever been to in the world. Their level of service, setting and aesthetic, coffee quality and even the music was sublime. There were limited edition snap back caps and t-shirts for the flocks of international coffee professionals visiting for WBC and World of Coffee. Filter, espresso and cappuccino all served on 3fe branded boards with a little printed card with all the info about the coffee.


There are roughly 5 coffeeangel spaces throughout Dublin City. I went to this specific one on South Anne Street because of this barista, Lee Shannon. We'd met online (Instagram) and he recommended a few other places to me. After a delicious pourover and a bit of coffee convo, they gifted me this beautiful Kenya Kainamui AA for visiting!

Love Supreme
The most aesthetically pleasing cafe space I came across in Dublin. This is another small space that packs amean punch! The Irish definitely know how to make the most of small spaces. Love Supreme pours coffee from different roasteries in Dublin and also other parts of Europe. To my surprise they were serving the same coffee I used for competition (Kenya Gathaiti AA) roasted by Jacu Coffee in Norway. So having it as a straight espresso was a no-brainer.

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