The Road to Dublin: Catch up with Wayne, SA Champ before WBC

Wednesday, 6 April, 2016

We caught up with Wayne inbetween working his butt off to get South Africa into the Top 12 in the competitive coffee world! We're behind you all the way Champ!

What has been your biggest challenge up until this point?

Getting the time to practice. The joys of owning and running your own business has its pit falls. However we have come to a really great solution… My partners and coaches have really been super helpful in filling in where they can.

We were also very stressed with the signature drink… Until a week ago. We have come up with a great solution and I think an amazing drinking experience. Thanks Devin for the help!

What does your training schedule look like?

Currently I get to the training room at 6am with Dave and Doc G. We train until 12pm everyday, Monday to Friday. On weekends, we are on deck at 9am until 3pm Sat and Sunday… So it is rather intense at the moment.

Who is your team?

Currently my Head coach is Dave Coleman. Along side with the venerable Doctor G. They have become my rocks. Dave knows exactly when I need a push or a hug… He generally leaves the hugging to Doc G. Winston from Origin also forms part of the team and helps where he can.

In Joburg we have Alessandro, Cuth, George B and Ishan lending a hand and advice. In Durban the dynamic duo of Mel Winter and Iain Evans. As well as Craig Charity has been giving some sound and sage advice.

Sheldon and John, my business partners, have really been helping out. Especially with the business side of things.

All in all… A very solid team

What keeps you focused during this stressful time?

I have been spending a lot of time trying to meditate… To focus on the task at hand and really try and give 100% when behind the equipment. I have been using a technique from F1 drivers and MotoGP riders, where they visualise the “track”. I do the same, but with the speech and movements between sections. My team have really been helpful.

I have, when I can get the chance, been going for cycles of 25 - 50km to get that extra energy and help clear the mind. People do not realise this… But the comp is just as much about skill as it is about mental strength.

What are you looking forward to most about Dublin?

Ahh man… I beyond excited to finally get to 3FE! Collin is a personal hero and from what I have seen… They have so much in store for us. The Guinness brewery of course, as well as the team and I are going to play a round of golf there… If not, why not.

Where are you aiming to be placed at the World Barista Championships?

Look, we would all love a final 6. I know I would. But realistically. Top 12.

When are you competing and can people watch?

So I will be up on the 22 June at 3:15 Dublin time (2:15pm SA time). You can have a look on the Livestream website, as well as I am sure the Coffee Mag and SCASA will tweet out the address and links. They’re really good like that.

Explain the new live scoring system to us please?

Yeah… The Live scoring. It is something that I am slightly hesitant about. But I think all in all it’ll be great for everyone to see straight away.

Live scoring will be exclusive to Round One (Days one and two), and will not be utilized for the semi-finals or finals rounds. Scoring will not be real time to competition, there will still be judges’ deliberation after each routine. Once the scores have been tabulated from each judge, the live scoring display will update with that competitor’s score and the overall rankings.

Live scoring will be shown within the venue, and online for the benefit of all viewers during the event. Only total scores and ranking position will be displayed.

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