Cafe of the Week: Blueberry Cafe

Thursday, 15 October, 2015
Netherwood Farm plays host to numerous fairytale, picture-perfect weddings, on the otherside of the hill there is an oasis of calm where you can view the Drakensberg in the distance and indulge in anything and everything with blueberries. Their delightfully simple yet effective menu has been covered in delicious blueberries and we ain't complaining!
Josh and Chris have upped the Blueberry Cafe coffee game substantially in the last year or so, even going so far as to buy their own roaster and roast fresh beans on the premises. These two have certainly slipped deep down the rabbit hole and the Nottingham Road coffee community is better for it. So if you're in the Midlands for a wedding and you're nursing a classic wedding night hang-over, be sure to take in the fresh air and delicious pick me up from Blueberry Cafe.

Coffee with a view (and scrummy treats).

Light and airy, the modern design of this beautiful building lets in the morning sun.

Well hello little guy! Their new roaster on site.

Blueberry Cheesecake anyone? Yes please!

On the hilltop, simply beautiful.

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