World Coffee Events: Coffee Film Festival

Tuesday, 14 July, 2015
Press release:

World Coffee Events is excited to bring our first series of Coffee Film Festivals to Santa Ana, California (August 15) and Vancouver, Canada (August 22). A 1-day event, films will run from 10am-8pm, hosted at local non-profit theaters. Curated for the specialty coffee community but open to the public, the festivals offer not just films, but food coffee, and community too. Films include A Film About Coffee, A Small Section of the World, Caffeinated, and Aroma of Heaven.

We are soliciting original content for a series of shorts to be screened at the festivals! Submissions will be accepted in the following categories:

Educational/Instructional: Teach us how to do something! This could be anything from presenting the basics of preparing a good cup aimed at a non-specialty coffee professional to the chemical breakdown of ground coffee over time. If you know something and want to share it, this is your venue!

Coffee Passion:
What is your coffee passion? Tell us a story that gives us a window into the coffee experience. Films in this category should endeavor to invoke the wonder, mystery, and adventure inherent in the coffee experience. We are looking for entries that take a creative approach to the subject, as well as entries that in turn inspire others to enter into your coffee world.

There is professionalism and seriousness in the specialty coffee industry. There’s also a lot to make fun of! Think you can make us laugh?

Submissions to the film festival are due by Friday, July 24th, and all selected films will receive notification by Tuesday, July 28th. All selected entries will receive free admission to the Coffee Film Festival. Filmmakers may also be asked to participate in an onsite panel.

There is a $12 submission fee for all entries. Upload your film submission on the order confirmation page. The submission field is located below the Order Details section. Please contact should you have any questions about the checkout/submission process.

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