Trailblazer: Coffeedocia Turkey

Wednesday, 8 July, 2015
By Joseph Beattie

Being driven in a dolmuş (a SA equivalent of a taxi, but not quite) down a valley in central Turkey into Goreme – town of Cappadocia, we were reminiscing about how the word “cappuccino” can be ‘rhymed’ with “Cappadocia”. We came up with Cuppaccidocia! Extended travel can have this effect on one…

Well, to our surprised (Turkish) delight, that very evening, we came across Coffeedocia! This trendy and friendly café soon had us interested. Well, with that name, how could our inquisitive senses resist?

This café offers everything from local dishes to sweet temptations and coffee varieties that blends the East with a Western feel.

Going with a straight up Cappuccino made with a specific Coffeedocia Segafredo blend, my cup reminded me of those magnificent rock formations surrounding this café’s town. There has to be something to a name like Coffeedocia!

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