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Tuesday, 10 February, 2015

If you own a capsule machine:

In the Summer Edition we discussed the branding tactics of the capsule market (you can read that interesting piece of journalism here), this article is exploring the need to monopolise the market by making the machinery compliant only to their brand of coffee. It's not a new topic, but what do you think about it?

If you want to learn more about making coffee:

Then you should sign up to Matt Perger's website, The Barista Hustle. It's high level, very specific stuff, but in an accessible way.

Almost every Barista and Coffee Professional I have ever met wants the same thing – To learn.

I am exactly the same. But unfortunately, so many businesses and individuals are unable to satisfy this hunger for growth and enrichment. Accessing a constantly evolving and advanced coffee education is obscenely expensive. Most resources are also out of date, out of touch and nowhere near deep enough. Does anyone really think they can learn how to be a proficient Barista during a 3 day course?
Matt Perger

If you're interested in the global community of coffee:

The Iranian Coffee community came together last week to hold their first ever Barista Championship, with the help of Laila Ghambari (read our interview with her here) and her father of Cherry Street Coffee House. Sprudge was there to get all the news. The Iranian story is definitely worth a read.

If you've been following the world's only coffee reality TV show:

They announced a winner! Russian contender Bogdan Prokopchuk, 21 years old from Moscow, won the second edition of Barista & Farmer, the talent show dedicated to quality coffee which took place in Honduras this february (2-11). The reality show was created by Francesco Sanapo and produced by Rimini Fiera.

Ten top baristas, chosen from among 200 applications, took part in the second edition. The russian barista ranked in first place after winning several challenges and picking the highest quantity of coffee.

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