When in Potchefstroom: Letters to the Editor!

Thursday, 6 November, 2014
We love getting feedback from our readers. It is always amazing when people take the time to share their coffee experiences from across South Africa. This one popped into my inbox a few days ago:

"Hi Mel,

I absolutely love the coffee mag and going along to Bean Green to pick up my copy every quarter.

I was recently in Potchefstroom for the Aardklop National arts festival and came a across the most amazing coffee shop.

Their name is DeMilko and they are by FAR the best coffee place in Potchefstroom. The owners are also super cool people, I had the opportunity to chat to them and hang out a bit and it was awesome!

They are doing things amazingly well up there."

Thank you to Chantal van Rooyen for writing in with this recommendation.

The owners are Izelle Claasen and Dewald Bothma. The passionate team are shaking thing up in their town and spreading the speciality coffee word! Well, I don't know when I'll get to Potch, but this certainly makes the idea much more appealing!

After building a reputation for great coffee in Potchefstroom at the local monthly food market, deMILKo now has a shop serving a range of brewed-with-love coffees, hot drinks and cupcakes. We bring to you the soothing comforts that brightens everyday life. Have a quick 15 minute touch base with your best friend, or come find some rest with the lingering taste of a finely prepared drink in your mouth.

We source roasted coffee beans only from reputable local roasteries. Our cupcakes have been inspired by our visits to New York City and likewise our spice tea from the heart of the Indian Himalayas.

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