Wednesday, 14 August, 2013
1. "Latte art should be symmetrical, like when you were a kid and you used to make those paintings that you fold over so you get two perfect halves."
Daniel Erasmus. Nicely put, Mr Erasmus. Your post-performance interviews were a treat.

2. I thought they used a stencil for that!
Comment from an excited spectator watching Latte Art. These baristas have mad skills!
3. "We opened that IPA keg specifically for the coffee people actually, they can't get enough of it."
Standeaven Master Brewer, Shaun. It's true, we couldn't get enough of it.

4. "I found out that those things in the bright pink containers are margaritas, we have to get one."
Kate Lovemore
, TheCoffeeMag is all the better for having you on board Kate :)

5. "I think I'm going to start calling you Hummingbird."
"Because they can also eat twice their body weight."

Gerald Charles referring to editor, Mel 'Hummingbird' Winter.

6. "Am I the only one concerned with the size of that flame?"

Wayne Oberholzer as the siphon nearly scorches his um, naughty bits.

7."I need to wear that shirt to my client meetings"
Comment on Iain's "There's no X in Espresso " Tee. People still get it wrong.

8. "I'm moving to KZN"
David Coleman - Western Cape Champ who won a packet of ground coffee from Checkers in the CT and seeing the prizes at the KZN event. Look at those awesome Puma bags!

9. "Dr. G is the worst person to make calibration coffees - they always score 6/6! Come on, we're trying to demonstrate a bad coffee here!"
Alessandro Morrico of Nuova Simonelli.
The extraordinarily talented Gerald Charles of Union Hand Roasted, always impresses even when he's supposed to be making bad coffees so that the judges are all on the same page.

10. "And I'd just like to thank Pauline Lechinsky for her passion and hard work."
Heard too many times to count by numerous different baristas and people at the competition. Pauline rocks!


Have you overheard anything interesting this week, wherever you are in the country?

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