Corporate Coffee: The Stats

Wednesday, 8 May, 2013
A recent survey of South Africans around their attitudes to coffee in the workplace has revealed just how passionate people are about the beverage that has become so much a part of our daily lives.

The Daily Buzz Coffee Workplace Survey, which polled more than 800 employees working for a number of South African companies, found that over 80% of respondents believe drinking coffee at work is vital or at least important to their productivity levels. The survey also revealed that 64% of respondents believe that their coffee routine is extremely important or important to their happiness at work.

Chris Brown, Director at The Daily Buzz, the corporate coffee bar operator which conducted the survey, says various studies have found that coffee helps to improve people’s short term memories and concentration for various periods of time. “Coffee is part of many people’s daily routine and often people feel that they can’t start their day until they’ve had a cup of java.

“Coffee is not just a way to improve mental performance but it also has health benefits. Coffee beans are loaded with antioxidants which have been shown to help minimise the risk of heart disease and certain cancers, as well as improving the performance of the liver.”

“Of course, everything should be done in moderation and the survey does show that most of us are heeding this advice,” says Brown.

The survey revealed that most people (65% of respondents) drink between two to three cups of coffee a day, while 22% drink just one cup. However, 8% said they drink between four and five cups a day while 4% said they drink more than five cups a day.

Further results showed that people certainly need the kick that they receive from a cup of coffee. An overwhelming 66% said they don’t like decaffeinated coffee and a further 11% ask what’s the point of decaffeinated coffee? Only 24% said they do like it.

Respondents were also asked to choose their main reasons for drinking coffee at work. The highest response was to ‘have a break’, followed by ‘the taste of coffee’, both receiving more than 400 responses. ‘Part of my routine’ and ‘it wakes me up when tired’ also received more than 300 responses each.

Brown notes that in the past, many employees would take a short break from their daily tasks by having a cigarette. “Luckily we have become far more health conscious now and far fewer of us smoke. However, it is still important to have a reason to take a break throughout the day and making a coffee or visiting the local coffee bar is an excellent – and healthier – way to do so.”

Interestingly, the favourite coffee among respondents was overwhelmingly a Cappuccino, which scored more than twice as many responses as its closest contender, the Caffé Latte. Other popular choices were Filter Coffee, Flavoured Latte, Café Mocha and Americano. Espresso and Macchiato were the least favourite choices.

“Coffee – and especially a Cappuccino – is fast becoming the beverage of choice among many South Africans but perhaps even more important, it helps us stay focused while at work and provides a perfect reason to take a break for those who don’t smoke,” concludes Brown.

We are not surprised! Does coffee get you through your working day?

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