Suspended Coffees

Monday, 15 April, 2013
This concept is trending right now and we love it when a good cause trends instead of something related to a celebrity and their bad (and entertaining) behaviour. With the winter chill starting to creep into our days, it is a wonderful luxury to be able to sit with your hands wrapped around a delicious warm coffee and it'll give you an even warmer fuzzy feeling inside if you can provide that luxury to someone less fortunate than yourself.

The 'suspended coffee' is a relatively new concept that started in Naples, Italy. It has gone viral on Facebook. The basics are that when you buy a coffee for yourself you can purchase a suspended coffee that can be redeemed by someone without the means to buy it themselves.

A number of South African coffee portals have been talking about it. Twitter reports that Haas in CT is officially going to be offering the suspended coffee.

It's an interesting and idealistic concept. It seems that on the surface it is an obviously amazing idea, but are there pitfalls? Here is a post from an independant cafe owner stating why she won't take part: Don't worry she's not a grinch, she just believes there are better ways to use this charitable feeling for good

A cafe in Melbourne has partnered with a homeless shelter to make sure that there is some way of effectively getting the suspended coffees to those in need. Sounds like a good plan to make sure that the money accumulated finds the people it was intended for.

What would it take to get this going in South Africa? Do you think that it's a feasible idea and would you do it?

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