Top 6 Barista Profiles

Sunday, 27 July, 2014
Number Six
Lizo Songwiqi
Age: 22
Occupation: Barista at the Boardwalk Hotel Port Elizabeth
Favourite coffee right now: House of Coffees Cappuccino
Best moment in coffee: "I love making cappuccinos every day, because I can see how much the people love them!"

Number Five
Lennox Soul
Age: 24
Occupation: Barista at Greenacres W Cafe
Favourite coffee right now: Tanzanian and Ethiopian Blend as an Americano, no milk or sugar
Best moment in coffee: "I just love competing. It opens up such great opportunities and you get to learn so much from your fellow competitors."

Number Four
Luyanda Gxukuma

Occupation: Barista at Radisson Blu Port Elizabeth
Favourite coffee right now: African Blend espresso
Best moment in coffee: "When I made it to the Top 6! I feel honoured and privileged to be competing with these guys!"

   Number Three
Sisa Mapetu

Age: 28
Occupation: Barista at Hand Made Coffee, Grahamstown
Favourite coffee right now: Ethiopian espresso
Best moment in coffee: "The competitions allow me to interact with coffees and people from all over the world.
ps. interesting fact, Sisa managed to pour 5000 cups of coffee over the recent National Arts Festival!!!

Number Two
Mike Chizeya
Age: 33
Occupation: Barista trainer for TriBeCa/Woolworths
Favourite coffee right now: Enjoying the Colombian bean at Woolies
Best moment in Coffee: I love the challenge of competing, gives me a fresh challenge in coffee and it's an amazing way to learn new tricks."

Number One
Byron Keet aka Hiccup

Age: 21
Occupation: Head Barista/Barista Trainer at Urban Espress Coffee Company
Favourite coffee right now: Panama Los Lajones as a V60 Pour over
Best moment in coffee: "Beating Don (his boss and mentor) at Nationals last year, ja that was a big moment for me!"

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