Monday, 7 July, 2014
So last year the first ever Barista&Farmer Reality TV show aired in Italy. Bloody marvellous!

It gave 15 Italian baristas the opportunity to travel to origin to a farm in Puerto Rico to live the life of a coffee farmer and participate in a number of challenged that saw them take the beans that they picked themselves, all the way through the harvesting process to the resulting cup of coffee.

That sounds like an opportunity not to be missed! This year Francesco Sanapo, the show's host and co-organiser, is casting the net wider for talented baristas and in 2015 the show is going to Honduras!

TheCoffeeMag is currently investigating the fine print to see just what needs to be done, but it looks like a motivating video showing your passion for the bean is all it takes! Oh and the most number of votes :)

Does Barista & Farmer sound like the moment you've been waiting for?

"The coffee reality show is divided into three parts: the first sees the baristas directly involved in the picking of the coffee in the plantation; the second is an academic element that is led by both Italian and Puerto Rican coffee experts; and the third is a series of challenges from which baristas win points which, in the end, will determine the winner of the show." via Barista Mag

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