James Hoffman and the Gravimetric Black Eagle

Sunday, 15 June, 2014
James is surely charming. On this video you’ll hear me try to hold back my giggles (apologies!), he has a very entertaining way of explaining a very interesting modification to a beautiful machine; programming how much you would like the final mass of your espresso shot to be.

The most interesting thing about the move toward a gravimetric machine is the fact that it appears at first glance that you need less skill, or at least only one person on your team who knows exactly what they’re doing. Set the machine up according to the density of the bean and grind setting and then hey presto anyone who follows the instructions can pull perfect shots everytime.

And in fact, that is the whole point, James tells us in a café environment, we can focus less on making coffee and more on being nice to people while delivering a consistently delicious cup. Good business practice for a busy café.

The lecture below may be 20min, but like I said, it is information rich and well worth a watch.

The South African boys were the first in line to play with the machine.

The result looks good from this angle!

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