Little Ethiopia

Monday, 11 February, 2013
 By Melanie Winter

"So are you feeling adventurous?"

Perfect opening line. Asking me if I'm feeling adventurous, is a bit like asking me if my skin burns in the sun (yes, yes it does): it's a no-brainer.

With my spirit of adventure securely intact, my guide, the constantly entertaining Matt Carter, led me into the bowels of the great city of Johannesburg. He had offered to pick me up as it was "a bit tricky" to explain the directions. Understatement. By the time we found a parking in a parking lot far enough below the ground to lose cell reception and we had dodged numerous taxi's and people carrying loads far too big for one person to be carrying, I was dizzy from going up enough one way streets to make me believe we were going round in circles (or more accurately, squares).

Now, it's been a long time dream of mine, ever since my dad started dealing in Ethiopian coffee beans, to visit the country. The dream is looking more and more like a reality as I journey further down this caffeinated career, but when Matt mentioned this little bit of Ethiopia in our own borders, I jumped at the chance for instant gratification.

Looking like a real tourist with my camera swinging round my neck, Matt gave a running commentary on the goods at the market stalls along the street. It was colourful and vibrant and messy and wonderful.

The rest of the journey is better told through the pictures I took...

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